About Us

The proprietor of Wesley University, Ondo is the Methodist Church Nigeria (MCN). The University was granted official License by the >National University Commission (NUC) on May 17, 2007. Consequently, the official opening ceremony took place on May 14, 2008, at the university take off site in Ondo town, while the full library activities commenced in the last quarter of 2008, with the admission and resumption of the university’s pioneering Students.

The Library moved from the old building donated to the University during the takeoff to the new Library in November 2013. The ground floor of the building now houses the E- Library and the reading room.

Wesley library is fully equipped to enhance maximum comfort for serious academic and research activities. Our library has a usable floor area of 3750 square meters which can accommodate up to 600 students at a time.

The Library has a stock of over 7872 volumes of textbooks and reference books and 1540 current journals titles which cover all the programmes run in the University.

Our books are catalogued using the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LC).

The University has a departmental library, stock with relevant books and journals in the College of Social and Management Sciences. The departmental library started its operation in year 2013. It has about 1,899 volumes of books and 422 journal titles. It has a usable floor area of 985 square meters which can accommodate 148 Students at a time.

The vision of the University library is to maintain an up-to-date library equipped with current books and journal titles for effective academic activities. Also to prepare students for their role as adults who are capable of participating fully and effectively in social, economic and political life of the nation.

The Mission of the library is to provide access to learning and research materials both hard and soft contents available worldwide, primarily for the use of both staff and students of Wesley University. The aim of the library also is to contribute to the World information resource by collecting and preserving local materials for the use of all and sundry.

Membership of the library is available on completion of a registration card to all students, members of the senior staff of the University and such other persons as may be determined by the University Librarian or designated officer. All registered users are issued with library cards which they are required to bring along whenever they visit the library. Library cards must be presented on demand by any library staff. In addition, registered readers receive borrowers’ tickets which will enable them to borrow books. Borrower’s tickets are given out as follows:
Academic Staff
Senior Staff
Part-Time Lecturer
No of Loan
4 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
Students are required to renew their registration at the beginning of each academic year. Library cards and borrower’s tickets are not transferrable. Books issued out remain the responsibility of the person whose name appears on them. A lost library card or borrower’s ticket may be replaced on submission of a written application.

Reading Room:

  • During Academic Session
  • Monday – Friday
    8.00am – 9:00pm
    8:00am – 4:00pm
  • During vacations
  • Monday – Friday
    8:00am – 4:00pm
    10:00am- 4:00pm
  • During public Holidays – Closed

  • A warning signal (electric or hand bell) is sounded thirty minutes before closing time and again fifteen minutes before the library is finally closed.


    Wesley library presently has three Departments as follows:

    • Administrative Department
    • Technical Services Department
    • Reader’s services Department
    • Research and Bibliographic Services Department
    • Electronic Library
    The Departments are further divided into units as follows:
    i. Administrative Department

    • Office of the University Librarian
    • Office of the Deputy Librarian
    ii. Technical Services

    • Cataloguing
    • Acquisition
    • Reprography
    • Serials
    iii. Readers Services Department

    • Circulation
    • References
    • Departmental Library
    iv. Research and Bibliographic Services

    • Documentation Section
    • Electronic Library
    • Government Documents
    In Wesley University library, books are arranged according to Library of Congress Classification Scheme i.e Arrangement is from A-Z. The library has the following collections:

    1. Reference collection: The reference collection includes: Dictionaries Encyclopaedias, Handbooks, Atlases, and University calendars etc. They are shelved in the reference shelves. Reference materials are only for consultation and are not meant to be loaned out and may not be removed from the shelves except on special permission.
    Newspaper clippings file and other pamphlet materials are kept in the reference shelves and all requests for materials from them should be made at the Reference Desk.

    2. Serial Collection: Various kinds of serials such as Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Accessions, Reports, Memos, Proceedings, Transactions and other periodicals like abstracts and indexes are shelved in the display section of serials sections. Users are allowed to use the serials as they may not be taken out on loan. Photocopy machine is made available for users to make photocopy of needed pages of the serials at a moderate price. Theses submitted for degrees of the University are also housed here.

    3. Recent Accessions/Arrivals: Books and Journals added to the library stock are normally displayed for several days before being put in the main collection. The purpose is to draw the attention of library users to the arrival of those publications. The books may not be borrowed while on display but may be reserved at the loan Desk.

    4. Reserve Collections: Materials that are in constant and extensive demand but are in short supply in the library are kept in the reserved section. They are made available to users on request but they are not to be loaned out.

    This section provides electronic learning resources like CD-ROM, DVD for the use of the library users. The computer unit of the library takes care of the library automation.

    The library subscribes to a number of databases which provides access to books, Journals articles, Newspapers, Scientific and Business information e.t.c

    To view a list of all our e-resources, click here

    This unit has over 60 computers with internet facilities. They serve the needs of all categories of students and staff. The library is fully automated and linked to other libraries within and outside Nigeria. Click here for more information

    Books are arranged by their classification numbers according to the library of congress classification scheme in ascending order.
    A – General works
    B – Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
    C – Auxiliary sciences of History
    D – World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc
    E – History of the Americas
    F – History of the Americas
    G – Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
    H – Social Sciences
    J – Political Science
    K – Law
    L – Education
    M – Music and books on music
    N – Fine – Arts
    P – Language and literature
    Q – Science
    R – Medicine
    S – Agriculture
    T – Technology
    U – Military Science
    V – Naval Science
    Z – Bibliography, library science information resources (General)

    The library collection can be searched through manual cabinet catalogue.

    The following catalogue cabinets can be found in the reading room.
    1. The Author/Title catalogue: This contains entries of all works available in the library. It is arranged alphabetically by author’s surname and by title.
    2. The subject catalogue cabinet: This gives the subject entries and it is arranged in alphabetical order.
    3. The shelve list: This is arranged in classified order in the same sequence as the books can easily be located on the shelves.
    4. The serials catalogue: This is arranged alphabetically by title and by the name of the issuing Association or Organisations.
    5. The Documents catalogue: This contains entries for Nigerian government. Publication alphabetically by the issuing body or title.
    The registration process for staff is slightly different from that of student. While the staff is expected to come to the library with a letter of introduction from the Head of Department addressed to the University Librarian, the student shall tender a copy of his admission letter or school identity card before he/she could be registered.
    No person may be admitted to the library unless he/she produces her library card on demand to any official of the library.

    Charging:- This is the term used to describe the process of loaning out books from the library by students or staff. Borrower’s tickets are given to readers in which the number of cards represent the maximum number of books to borrow at a particular time. The cards are to be submitted during borrowing and then taken back when the books are returned.
    Discharging: This is a terminology used to describe the returning of books after loaning. Discharging period is two weeks for students and four weeks for staff. Those who fail to return the book(s) when due are expected to pay overdue fine which presently is N10 per day.
    Book Renewal: This arises when a reader returns the loaned books and wants to loan it again probably he has not done with it. In this case, the library assistant will go into record to ascertain whether the books are on demand by another user, if not, the books will be loaned out again.
    Photocopying Services: Within limitations imposed by copyright law, the library can provide photocopy services of periodical articles and parts of books at moderate charges.

    1. All library users must fill a library registration card at the beginning of every session. Any library staff has the duty to prevent entry to any user who is unable to produce the library identity card on demand.
    2. Library users are required to surrender all books in their possessions to the library security staff for checking when going out of the library.
    3. Wilful or malicious damage of library books shall attract severe disciplinary measure.
    4. Library users will be held responsible, for books consulted or issued to them and for loss or damage of such.
    5. Bags, briefcases, umbrellas, walking sticks, and other personal possessions, except books, are to be deposited at owners risk in the place provided for them outside the library.
    6. All cases of stealing, mutilation and defacement of library materials are censured. These attract severe disciplinary measures.
    7. The use of cell phone is prohibited in the library.
    8. Smoking and conversations are forbidden in the library.

    1. Borrowing of library materials and renewal of loan must be done at the loan desk and in person.
    2. All books of loan shall be returned at the expiry of a fortnight from the date due of issue unless specified other wise.
    3. Loan may be terminated at anytime by the order of the librarian.
    4. An overdue charge of N10:00 per day shall be charged if a book is kept beyond the period of loan.
    5. No serial publications, including newspapers, may be removed from the library except as provided for.
    6. All books in the Reference section may not be removed or borrowed from the library.
    7. Members who repeatedly fail to return books on due date will lose the privilege of membership of the library.
    8. Reader’s tickets are not transferable.
    9. Junior staff members may at the discretion of the University librarian be allowed to borrow books on the authority of their Heads of Dept.
    10. Any book lost or mutilated will attract a fine of four (4) times the current cost of the book.
    11. No student will be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony or receive his/her certificate without a clearance certificate from the University Library to the effect that no book or fine is outstanding against him or her.